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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We stopped and moored out for the night in Shearwater. The next morning we arrived at Butedale located on Princess Royal Island. The Island was once a thriving cannery and fish plant in the 60's, but as we arrived we saw the remains of the collapsing buildings everywhere.

Old Cannery Butedale BC

Butedale Cannery BC

Dock pilings with starfish BC

In the middle of the chaos was a little bright spot, a small wooden porch full of flowers everywhere.

bee on a daisy BC
Cannery in Butedale BC

This was the home of Lou, the caretaker and the only person that lives on the entire island. Lou lives there with his cat "Tiger" in a one room cabin. We instantly fell in love with Lou! He invited us into his home where he paints and watches his huge collection of VHS movies.

Man with cat at Butedale Cannery

Orange Cat Canada

Home of cannery Butedale BC

We hiked up to the powerhouse, where Lou showed us his homemade generator that produces his electricity from the waterfall.

Power house Butedale BC

Water troughs Butedale BC
Family by Butedale River

We continued on a rugged hike up to the lake at the top of the mountain. On the way back to the boat we met two girls who were kayaking all the way up to Alaska from Washington. We invited Lou and the girls to dinner on the boat that night. It was such an amazing experience to share stories with our new friends.

People by lake in Butedale BC

Girl on Log lake Butedale BC

Lake at Butedale BC



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