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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Kevin, one of my Dad’s best friends came to visit us on the yacht for a couple days to go fishing. When he arrived we trolled our way to Cabo San Lucas, from Jose del Cabo. On the way, we caught a nice mahi, that Baja Cantina Restaurant later cooked for us.

Cabo San Lucas Lovers Beach

Cabo San Lucas Mahi Fishing

Cabo San Lucas Fishing

We spent a week fishing out of Cabo, where Kevin got his first stripe marlin and then was lucky enough to get a second. These days felt as if we were fishing in an aquarium, whales breaching, dolphins playing, and fish jumping. When we arrived back to the dock, Pancho, the friendly seal would greet us for snacks. We had a fun filled week with Kevin fishing and drinking!

Stripe Marlin Fishing Cabo

Fishing stripe marlin Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Stripe Marlin

Marlin Fishing Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Arches



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