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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The boat took off from Painted Boat Marina at 6am while we were sleeping. Six hours later we arrived at Princess Louisa Inlet. We were amazed to see the most beautiful view of snow covered mountain tops everywhere. We had to wait for slack tide to be able to pass through the small inlet entrance due to small rapids. The inlet was narrow with 7,000-foot walls of mountains on each side and the waters of the inlet sank to 1,000 feet in depth.

Princess Louisa Inlet, BC

Princess Louisa Inlet, BC

Princess Louisa Inlet entrance, BC

Yacht in Princess Louisa Inlet, BC

The inlet was about six miles long ending at Chatterbox Falls, a shocking 120 foot wall of gushing water. We were surrounded by over 60 smaller waterfalls, starting at the top of the mountains and traveling down. The James Bruce Falls, is the ninth tallest waterfall in the world and emppties into the inlet via Chatterbox Falls. The area can only be reached by seaplane or boat, it was absolutely breathtaking.

Chatterbox Falls, BC

Chatterbox Falls BC

Chatterbox Falls BC

Yachts in front of Chatterbox Falls

Multiple waterfalls Chatterbox Falls

We spent the next couple of days hiking, kayaking, jet skiing and exploring. Garren loved wakeskating near the waterfalls in the glassy inlet. We really enjoyed being anchored out in the middle of nowhere, and never wanted to leave.

Yacht Toys BC

Chatterbox Falls British Columbia

Kayakers Chatterbox Falls BC

Kayakers Princess Louisa inlet BC

Kayaking Princess Louisa Inlet BC

Wakeskate Chatterbox Falls BC

Wakeskate Princess Louisa inlet BC

Wakeskate Chatterbox Falls Canada



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