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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

On our way to Frosty Bay, Alaska, we were amazed by a large pod of Dall’s porpoises riding our bow. These porpoises weigh around 300 pounds and are six feet or so in length. They were fast moving and jumping everywhere, surfing our wake. We were mesmerized by how many there were and how long they stayed with us.

Dall Porpoise of Frosty Bay

Dall Porpoise Alaska

Dall Porpoise Frosty Bay Alaska

Frosty Bay was a remote inlet in the wilderness, we moored overnight with only one other boat as company. We took the dingy to explore a random waterfall hoping to see salmon running, which can mean bears. Garren and I hiked the falls and climbed over huge trees that had fallen over the water. We cooked salmon again that night while enjoying our quiet peaceful spot.

Frosty Bay Alaska River



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