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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We are now on our way back, long traveling days on the boat, stopping mostly for the nights here and there. We kayaked in Alexander Inlet, moored out in Shearwater, quick visit to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, then to Dent. Dent Island Lodge is one of our favorite places, so we stayed a couple of nights. We went out in the dingy to explore the swirling rapids and take pics of the seals that were everywhere! From Dent we stayed in Pender Harbor for a couple of days then traveled to our final departure destination...Vancouver, B.C.

Eagle Dent Island Lodge BC

Seal Dent Island BC

Seal Dent Island Lodge and Marina

Seal swimming Dent island BC

Seals Dent Island Lodge BC

Bald Eagle Explore Dent island BC

Tree with Eagle Dent Island British Columbia

Kelp Bed Dent Island BC

Eagle at Flight Dent island Lodge BC

Eagle in Flight British Columbia Dent Island

Dent Island BC

Cruising in boat Dent Island BC



#DentIsland #Eagle #SeaLion #Seals #Canada

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