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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We arrived in Los Frailes, Mexico in the evening of January 28th. There were whales breaching close to the boat, in our beautiful anchorage. The next morning a dive panga came to the boat and grabbed Gary, Presley, and Captian Tony to go dive Cabo Pulmo National Park. The reef was beautiful, filled with lots of life. We saw everything from moray eels to huge groupers. On the second dive, we heard humpback whales singing, it was incredible!

School of Fish Cabo Pulmo

School of Fish In Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Angelfish Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Diving Cabo Pulmo Grouper

Diving Cabo Pulmo National Park

Cabo Pulmo Reef Mexico

Shark Diving Mexico

Coral of Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Grouper Cabo Pulmo Diving

Grouper Diving Cabo Pulmo National Park

Diving Cabo Pulmo National Park

Coral of Cabo Pulmo national Park Mexico

Sea star Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Fish Cabo Pulmo



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