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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

My father and I flew out Cabo San Lucas early to get ready for our trip. Mama arrived two weeks later, after her surgery. We got the boat all ready for the next part of the trip. Daddy and I took the jeep up to Los Barriles and had so much fun renting 4-wheelers, we took mama when she arrived. We drove on a dirt road up the coast of the East Cape, which took about five hours. The drive was beautiful, with untouched beaches the whole way.

East Cape Baja Shores

House on East Cape Cabo

We met some friendly wild burrows along the way that were looking for food in our car. They were so curious and friendly, they would'nt get out of the car windows for us to leave.

Donkey East Cape Drive

Burrow East Cape Cabo

Burrow East Cape Cabo

We ate lunch in Los Barriles at Bay view Bar & Grill, where we watched the kiteboarders and windsurfers play in the choppy water.

East Cape Baja Windsurfing

Pelicans East Cape Cabo

East Cape Baja Pool

East Cape Baja Beach



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