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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

While traveling south from Chiapas deployed the outriggers and trolled all the way to El Salvador, fishing the whole way. We covered over three hundred miles and trolled only during the day. The first morning I was awakened from the sound of the boat slowing to start trolling. I jumped out of bed and helped dad get the lines out. I was still in my PJ's and decided to grab a beanbag and fall asleep on the back deck. Within an hour we had a nice size sailfish on. Nothing like waking up and catching a sailfish in your PJs!

The next day we hooked up on a nice mahi-mahi, just in time for lunch. Within one hour of catching the dolphin, we hooked up on another one. We filleted them and had pan seared fish sandwiches for about fresh. When we arrived in El Salvador we quickly meet new friends and shared our catch. We were also invited to join a Cruisers Rally and brought mahi ceviche to the party.

Mahi Fishing El Salvador

El Salvador Fishing for Mahi

Mahi Fishing El Salvador

Offshore Fishing El Salvador

Fishing off the coast of El Salvador was a blast, and when we arrived we had even more fun sharing our catch with the locals and cruisers.



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