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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Leaving San Diego we we fished the six hour trip to Ensenada. This was our port of entry into Mexico. We stayed at the Coral Marina, which had a beautiful hotel. We enjoyed exploring the downtown area and restaurants.

Street of Ensenada Mexico

Restaurant Ensenada Mexico

When we left Ensenada, on our way south we came across a kelp bed. We decided to try to fish for some yellowtail, so we pulled the rods out. After about fifteen minutes of jigging, I had my first Pacific yellowtail on. The yellowtail on this coast is more like amberjack in the Atlantic. While pulling my fish in a huge sea lion came up and grabbed him. We played tug-a-war for awhile until all I reeled up was its head.

yellowtail Fishing Ensenada Mexico

The seals finally conquered our fishing spot and we left to go trolling. Garren snagged a nice little tuna and he made spicy tuna roll sushi for dinner.

offshore Fishing Ensenada Mexico



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