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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Magdalena Bay, Mexico was one of our favorite overnight anchorages. A tiny fishing village, home to 200 to 300 people. Mira Mar, the only restaurant in town was closed, but the owner opened just for us. He made the most amazing lobster tacos!!

Magdalena Bay Mira Mar Restaurant

Magdalena Bay is known for the seasonal migration of grey whales that come to mate in the winter months. Right outside the Mira Mar Restaurant are the bones of whales they have found over the years, some of them are as big as a truck.

Whale Bones Magdalena Bay Mexico

Whale Bones in Mag Bay

Whale Baleen Magdalena Bay Mexico

We walked around meeting the kids, giving them t-shirts, and taking their photos. The kids loved it almost as much as we did!

Local little girl with puppy Mexico

Mag Bay mexico Puppy

We had the pleasure of fishing the backwater with Chrispin, in his bright blue panga. We caught lots of halibut and sea bass! Amazing spot, wish we had more time to spend here and get to know all these smiling faces.

On our way to Cabo San Lucas, we picked up a nice mahi for dinner!



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