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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We finally got what we were looking for, BEARS in the wild, no guides with guns!! We heard about Neets Bay, a remote fish hatchery outside of Ketchikan with bears, so of course, we had to go there! The guy that was head of the hatchery invited us to dingy over and visit. As we walked a small trail through the woods to the hatchery, I noticed a bear a few feet away on the trail and was startled! This was the start of an unforgettable day of being one with the bears, no guns or guides, just us and the bears!! We spent hours that day watching and taking pics of bears eating salmon in the creek.

Black Bear Neets Bay, Alaska

Black Bear, Neets Bay AK

Black bear eating Salmon Neets Bay

We became fairly comfortable until we came upon a mama bear fighting off a male bear...a few yards in front of us on our trail. The mama bear was protecting her cub who had climbed a tree to escape danger. To say the least, we immediately backtracked to find a new trail!!

Black Bear, Neets Bay Alaska

Going to sleep that night in Neets Bay with the bears outside, we knew this was one amazing day we would never forget!!

Bear landscape, Neets Bay AK

Black Bear Landscape, Neets Bay

Shrimp Boat, Neets Bay Alaska



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