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10 Photos to Inspire you to visit Cuba

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Traveling to Cuba is like hopping in a time machine and going back to the 1950s. It is a beautiful country from the iconic beaches to the green flourishing mountains, from the warm sunny days in a classic car to the lights of the streets at night.

I was given the opportunity to visit Havana, Cuba with the crew of a whale research vessel, the Odyssey. We went for five days to explore Havana and look at slips to dock the Odyssey ship. Every day we jumped into a different classic car to cruise the streets of Havana and one day we traveled all the way up to Varadero.

Here are 10 images from the beautiful colored streets of Havana, Cuba...

Cuba Street Photography

Cuba Hotel Downtown

Cuba Taxie Classic Car

Cuba street photography

Cuba classic car photography

Cuba Classic Car

Cuba Street Photography

Cuba Street Photography

Cuba Street Photography

Cuba Street Night Photography

Cuba Street Night Photography

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