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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We left Dent Island early in the morning and ten hours later we arrived in Port Hardy, the northernmost community of Vancouver Island. On our way we saw humpacks in the distance and when we got closer they put on a show. They jumped several times, but only caught one with the camera. We stayed at the Quarterdeck Marina, which was mostly a large fishing port.

Humpback Whale breaching

Marina sunset in Port Hardy

We hiked about two and a half hours looking for eagles and bears, got lost, returned to our marina and eagles were everywhere. I spent several hours taking pictures of the eagles up close on the docks.

Hiking Port Hardy BC

Juvenile Bald Eagle eating

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle making nest Port Hardy BC

Bald Eagle Port Hardy BC

Bald Eagle channel marker of Port Hardy

Bald Eagle and canada Flag

We hiked into town and enjoyed playing pool at Sporty's Pub. It was forth of July with no fireworks, but we still had a blast.

Old cop wagon of Port Hardy

Playing pool at bar in Port Hardy BC



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