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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Arriving at Prince Rupert, British Columbia, we spent one night in Cow Bay, a crazy little town with cow prints everywhere. We had dinner at The Breakers Club at Prince Rupert Yacht Club & Marina.

Boat at Prince Rupert Marina

Coffee Shop at Prince Rupert BC

Breakers Pub, Prince Rupert BC

After leaving Prince Rupert we made a visit to K'tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary and Inlet Conservancy, hoping to see some bears. Before we even entered the inlet we spotted a female Grizzly bear with two small cubs. It was amazing to watch the cubs explore and learn how to dig for clams along the shore. We saw another Grizzly eating grass in the tall sage grass. That night we found an empty inlet in the middle of the wilderness and moored out for the night. The sunset was beautiful with pink colors and the reflections of the trees all around us. I made my amazing spaghetti and meat sauce, that my family loves. We will never forget how quiet the night felt and how far away we were from civilization.

k'tzim-a-deen grizzly bear sanctuary BC

k'tzim-a-deen grizzly bear sanctuary BC



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