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Georgia RVing for Thanksgiving

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Thanksgiving this year we got the whole Wallace (My moms side of the family) clan together. We loaded the Rambler up with casseroles, fishing rods, beer, dogs, and guns to head up to Metter, GA. After seven hours of cruising, we finally arrived at my Aunt Ruthie's. We plugged in the RV and the fun started.

Holiday Rambler RV

The next day we grabbed the guns and headed over to Robert's house for some target practice. We had a blast shooting pistols and rifles. After shooting we went to the lake before dinner to try to snag a few crappie or bass, but no luck.

What was supposed to be a few steaks on the grill turned into a full Wallace BBQ. Our family can't be in the same town without eating a meal together. My brother Garren grilled the steaks, while I baked the potatoes with pimento cheese. We all caught up and chatted and played with our little cousins.

The day after Thanksgiving was a day of relaxing to prepare for the weenie roast that night at Aunt Ann's house. We had a nice bonfire and cooked our hotdogs over the open flame. Our little cousins talked the big cousins into playing manhunt that night, we had a blast reliving our childhood.

The next few days were followed by football, hanging with the family, and some more attempts to catch some fish. We were sad to leave on Sunday, but we know we will get together again soon. My German Shepherds Diesel and Chevy wanted to stay so bad, they blocked us from driving.

Road trip in RV with Dogs

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