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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

On the tiny island of No Name Cay, in the Abaco Islands, you can find the famous swimming pigs. Piggyville as they call it is hog heaven for these adorable little sunbathers. When pulling up to the beautiful northwest shore the pigs hear the engine and come running. They start to swim out to the boat in hopes of getting a treat.

Swimming Pig Abacos

They love fruit (no citrus), bread, meat, eggs, and vegetables. These are wild pigs, so watch your fingers when hand feeding them. If you bring water for the pigs, place it in the troughs that are under the trees. Green Turtle Cay's Sunset Marina donated a huge 2,000-gallon fresh water tank to help with keeping freshwater for the pigs.

Swimming Pigs of No Name Cay

There are many myths of how the pigs wound up on this tiny deserted island, No Name Cay. Some locals say there was a shipwreck and the pigs swam there. Others say locals put them on the island to later hunt them or maybe to start a tourist attraction. Who knows for sure how these little guys got there.

There is a man on Green Turtle Cay, Craig Russell that unofficially takes care of the pigs. He stops by the island a few times a week to make sure they have food and water. Other than that the pigs rely on the amazing community of the Bahamas and tourist to feed and supply water for these adorable friendly pigs.



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