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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

On Thursday, January 30th we headed out of Los Frailes for La Paz. As we adventured north, up the Sea of Cortez, a beautiful sunrise greeted us. We pulled into Marina Costa Baja that evening after 110 miles of travel and a whale shark greeted us in the channel. We had dinner at Barcaccia a great Italian restaurant on the edge of the marina.

The next morning we headed out to swim with the sea lions at Isla Los Islotes, a small rock island with sea lion rookeries. Swimming with these acrobats was amazing, they played with you as if they were puppies. The sea lion pups were the most intrigued with you, while the females were only slightly interested. The dominant male swam by once or twice and is triple the size of an adult female.The males can can get up to 700 lbs. We spent over 4 hours in the water with these guys and it is a memory we will never forget.

Sea Lion Swimming La Paz

Sea Lions Los Islotes Mexico

Swimming with Sea Lions

Sea Lion Mexico



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