Updated: Mar 15, 2020

After leaving the San Juan Islands, we arrived about two hours later at Victoria Harbor on Vancouver Island, BC. Victoria was a larger city with large historic buildings and many cool pubs. After pub hopping and sightseeing in the afternoon, we had a great dinner at Fiamo Italian Kitchen.

From Victoria to Vancouver was a long trip taking us about eight hours to get there. As we were pulling into the harbor, the city looked so much like the New York skyline, but very new and modern. The city was so big, but it was hard to get wifi, so we spent a lot of time at local restaurants stealing wifi.


That night we had a delicious dinner at Cardero's Restaurant and Marina Pub, overlooking the harbor. We continue to be amazed that each place has its own unique atmosphere!


#Victoria #Vancouver #city #Cityscape #CanadianGeese

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