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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We woke up early the day after swimming with the seals, to swim with some whale sharks. We headed out on Catchin’ Moments up the La Paz Channel to the El Mogote Peninsula. We unloaded the dingy and took off toward a big dark shadow. We got the dingy in front of a whale shark and we slid off the sideof the boat, camera in hand. These creatures are unbelievably massive and we were swimming with some relatively small ones, the longest being 30 feet. They were feeding on plankton in only about 15 feet of water in the harbor. Diving in front of there wide open five foot mouth was a little intimidating at first. These gentle giants were a memory I will never forget.

Whale Shark La Paz, Mexico

Whale Shark Mexico

swimming La Paz Whale Shark

Whale shark tail La paz

Whale shark La Paz Mexico

Whale Shark Mexico

Whale shark La Paz

Swimming with Whale Shark

Whale Shark Swimming

Whale Shark Fin La Paz

Whale Shark Swimming mexico

Whale Shark Feeding La Paz

Snorkeling with Whale Shark

underwater photography La Paz Mexico

Yacht la Paz Mexico

Sunset La Paz Mexico



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